Articles about expectations about a change in the U.S. government, supermajor’s shrinking oil refining footprint and a chemical firm’s new energy venture all ranked among the most-viewed articles. A summary to stay updated.

US Energy Chiefs Weigh What Biden Means for Energy

According to Bloomberg articles. More permitting hurdles, New regulations. Cripple renewables growths. Those are all things that energy executives expect from a Biden administration. Bloomberg cited comments from chief executives of various major energy firms to get a pulse on the key themes they might face over the next four years. Companies represented in the article include energy players across the value chain and on both sides of the Atlantic.

Gulf Coast Refinery to be Close by Shell

As Shell seek buyer for it 53 years old facility, Shell has revealed plans to begin shutting its Convent refinery near New Orleans, Bloomberg reports in this article. Company’s strategy to reduce its downstream facility portfolio from 14 to 6, the shell has decided to close the refinery, which employs approximately 675 people, aligns with the company’s strategy. Sites that survive the downsizing will comprise integrated refineries and chemical plants, Bloomberg pointed out. The news service also mentioned that companies such as Marathon Petroleum and Philips 66 have a similar plan to reduce their respective refining footprints include Marathon Petroleum and Phillips 66.

Ineos Launches Clean Hydrogen Business

Ineos also making headlines, which revealed that a new business unit would focus on developing and building clean hydrogen capacity across Europe. Based in the United Kingdom, the new Ineos business will leverage the chemical company’s electrolysis and hydrogen storage and handling expertise to expand the energy source’s grasp in the transportation scope.

Author: Ebenezer Blay

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