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Absorbers, Mist Eliminators, and Heat Exchangers Process Simulation, Process Improvement Engineering, and Process Throughput Evaluation

Acid/Caustic Regeneration System Preliminary Technical and Economic Evaluation

Alternative Natural Rubber Production Pilot Plant Process Design

Production Facility Hammer Mill and Dust Collection PHA

Batch Catalyst Plant Expansion Project Preliminary and Detailed Process Design

Batch Chemical Process Engineering Support During Detail Design Phase

Batch Chemical Production Process LEL Evaluation and Process Improvements Design

Batch Oilfield Chemical Blend Preliminary Process Design and Plant Detail Process Design

Batch Reactor Cycle Time Reduction Alternatives Evaluation and Design

Batch Reactor Heat Transfer System Computer Process Simulation and Process Design Evaluation

Batch Reactor Safe Operating Limits Evaluation, Vent Stream Flowrate and Composition Characterization

Batch Specialty Chemical Plant On-Site Process Improvement Support

Benzoic Acid Production Modified Process Startup Engineering and Assistance

Biomass Chemicals Extraction Pilot Plant Process Design

Building-Wide Vent Emissions Control System Scrubber Alternatives Technical and Economic Evaluation, Process Design and Equipment Specifications Preparation, and Capital Cost Estimate Development

By-Product Reaction Pilot Plant System Design Evaluation and Pilot Plant Testing Technical Supervision

By-Product Reaction System Process Design, HAZOP, and Detail Design Review

Chemical Manufacturing R&D Facility Thermal Oxidizer Evaluation and Modified System Process Design

Chemical Plant Purchase Due Diligence Evaluation

Chemical Plant Steam Boiler Systems Improvement Study

Chemical Plant Wastewater Treatment Upgrade Preliminary Process Design, Water Treatment

Chemical Waste Tank LEL Incident Investigation and Expert Witness

Chilled Water System Replacement Evaluation Process Engineering Study

Corporate Engineering Support – Batch Plant Heat Exchanger Designs

Create P&IDs for a Chemical Plant Process

Diphenyl Ethane (DPE) Batch Production Solvent Recovery Systems Process Evaluation and Optimization, and Operations Troubleshooting and Support

Dust Collector Deflagration Vent Modifications Evaluation

Ester Production Kettle PSV Sizing

Ethanol Recovery System Detailed Process Design Package Preparation

Evaluation of Dimple Jacketed Batch Reactor Heating/Cooling Systems to Determine New Product Formula Cycle Times

Explosives Production Facility Upgrades Process Alternatives Evaluations and Conceptual Process Design

Feasibility Study, Alternatives Evaluation and Prelim Design for Converting Batch to Continuous Oxyalkylates Resin Process, Continuous Chemical

FEL-1 Preliminary Design Package for a New Colloidal Silica Plant

Fuel Additive Batch Plant Alternatives Evaluations for Prevention of Emergency Relief Occurences

Fume Incineration System Computer Process Simulation, and Process Design and Regulatory Compliance Evaluation

HF/HNO3 Transfer System Process Evaluation and Certification

Industrial Vent/Gas Cleaning System Computer Process Simulation and Scrubber System Design and Specification

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant Troubleshooting, Waste Treatment

Light Ends Recovery System Computer Process Simulation and Condenser Process Design

Liquids Incinerator Gas Cleaning System Troubleshooting, Design and Controls Modifications Recommendations, and Modified System Startup

Micro Silica Batch Manufacturing Process Improvement Project, Minerals Processing

Mixed Spent Solvents Recovery Unit Conceptual Process Design, Waste Treatment

Multiple Batch Reaction / Product Recovery Processes Pressure Relief Systems Modeling and Rupture Disks Design/Sizing

Multiple Chemical Plant PSM/RMP Program Development

Neutralization and Distillation Process Evaluation and Operating Parameters Optimization, Waste Treatment

New Product Batch Reactor System Preliminary Dynamic Simulation Design Evaluation

Oilfield Chemicals Batch Production Plant Process Design, Upstream Oil & Gas

Organic Chemicals Storage Tank Vents and Pressure Relief System Design Evaluation

Organic Process Utilities (Steam, Hot Oil, Nitrogen) Capacity Evaluations, Process Vent, Thermal Oxidizer and Flare Systems Capacity Evaluation, and Expanded Systems Computer Process Simulation and Design

Partial Condenser Cooling System Process Design

pH Control System Design and Specification for a Wastewater Treatment Plant, Waste Treatment

Polymerization Batch Process Evaluation and Scaleup Process Design

Potassium Phosphite Batch Reactor Evaluation and Preliminary Process Design

Powder Product Recovery System Upgrade Process Design and Capital/Operating Cost Estimates Preparation

Pressure Relief Valve Evaluation

Process Batch Reactors Vent Stream Control Alternatives Technical and Economic Evaluation

Process Design for Sulfonating Polystyrene Block Copolymer

Process Design Review of Acetic Acid Refining Unit Detail Engineering Design

Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) for Production Units, Continuous Chemical, Petrochemical, Petroleum Refining

Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) of an Explosives Manufacturing Plant

Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) of a Solvent Recovery System at an Ammunitions Production Facility

Process Safety and Risk Management Program Consulting

Process Safety Management (PSM) Program Evaluation Gap Analysis

Product and Process Development On-Site Engineering Support

Product Drying Area Offgas Characterization and Emissions Control System Process and Control System Design

Product Filter Press and Deep Well Injection Pumps Process Engineering

Reactor Circulation Piping System Design

Reactor Modification Risk Assessment for Use of Pure Oxygen

Refrigerant R-23 Truck Loading System Process Design, Polymers

Relief Valve and Rupture Disk Evaluation Supporting a Chemical Plant Expansion

Replacement Glycol Chiller Vendor Selection Assistance

Resin Manufacturing Plant Process Heating System Design

Scale Up Process Design for Producing Activated Carbon in Ion Battery Manufacturing

Scrubber Systems Computer Process Simulation, Operational Evaluation and Air Permitting Assistance

Six-Sigma Process Calculations

Specialty Batch Chemical Scale-Up Preliminary Process Design

Specialty Chemicals Facility FEL-1 Batch Nutraceutical Intermediates Production Line Expansion, Pharmaceutical

Specialty Organic Chemical Production Process Design Basis Development, Computer Process Simulation, Process Design Package Preparation, and PHA Facilitation

Specialty Organic Chemical Production Process Expansion Design Package Preparation

Steam Systems Evaluation and Heat Recovery System Process Design

Tank Farm VOC Emissions Control System Alternatives Evaluation

Thermal Oxidizer Replacement Alternatives Screening and Technical and Economic Evaluation

Wastewater Treatment System Sampling and Compliance Plans Preparation, and System Design, Specification, and Cost Estimate Preparation, Waste Treatment


1 MM Gallon O-Xylene Storage Tank Pressure/Vacuum Relief Device Sizing

Agricultural Super-Absorbent Plant Scale-Up Design from Demonstration Size to Commercial Size

Agro-chemical Tank Truck and Rail Car Loading NOx Removal System Process Design

Agrochemicals Plant PSV Evaluation and Sizing

Ammonia Process Vent System Design and Sizing

Ammonia Production Process Modified Separator Preliminary Process Design

Ammonia PRV (Pressure Relief Valve) Requirement Analysis

Ammonia Service Thermal Pressure Relief Device Sizing

Ammonium Bisulfite Production System Absorption Column Computer Simulation and Operational Evaluation

Benzoic Acid Distillation Purification System Computer Process Simulation and Offgas Instrumentation Evaluation

Benzoic Acid Feasibility Study and Preliminary Plant Design

Benzoic Acid Plant Alternatives Evaluation Study

Benzoic Acid Production Facility Quality Improvements Process Engineering Support

Boron Scrubber Detailed Process Engineering Support

Boron Scrubber Vent Gas System Hydraulic Modeling

Brine Evaporation Process Heat Exchanger Evaluation

Carbon Black Fired Heater Computer Process Simulation

Carboxylic Acid Refining Process Capacity Expansion Study and Process Design

Chemical Plant Operations Training and Operations Improvement Project Support

Chemical Plant Replacement Heat Exchanger Performance Evaluation

Cooling Water Distribution System Upgrades Computer Process Simulation

Emissions Control Alternatives Technical and Economic Evaluation

Equipment Manufacturer Separations Column Design and Sizing

Ethylene Glycol – Water Distillation System Proposal Design Support

Feasibility Study, Alternatives Evaluation and Prelim Design for Converting Batch to Continuous Oxyalkylates Resin Process

Fertilizer Plant Compressor PSV Sizing

Flare System Process Design Package Preparation

Fume Incinerator System Process Design Package Preparation

Grassroots Sulfamic Acid Production Facility Preliminary Process Design, Upstream Oil & Gas

Greenfield Benzoic Acid Plant Block Flow Diagrams

Heat Exchanger Evaluation and Rating for a Chemical Unit Revamp

Hydraulic Modeling for Boron Cabinet Vent Gas

Hydrofluoric Acid (HF) Recovery System Pilot-Plant Design

Hydrogenator Troubleshooting and Evaluation

Impurities Absorption Column Relief Device Evaluation

Independent Process Evaluation and Product Comparison for a Hypochlorous Acid Producer

Industrial Vent System Process Evaluation, Modeling, and Improvements Project

Large Commercial Sugar Concentrator Triple Effect Evaporator Preliminary DesignAmmonia Cold Trap PSV Sizing

Lime Production CEMS Quality Assurance Manual Preparation

Management of Change (MOC) Hazard Review Training Course

Mineral Spirits Recycling Facility Energy Optimization Evaluation

Modular Skid Designs for Fragrance Production

Monomer Production Facility Distillation Column Design and Rating, Petroleum Refining

Multi-Tower HCl Absorption System Computer Process Simulation and Design

NaHS Unit Relief Valve Calculation and Sizing

Neutraceuticals Dietary Supplement (MSM) Distillation Troubleshooting

New High Purity Propylene Distillation Process Design

New Refrigerant Properties Prediction and UL Registration Support

New Specialty Chemical Plant Process Design and Equipment Specification Preparation

New Spiral Heat Exchanger Relief Valve Sizing

Organic Acid Production Plant Detail Process Design and Equipment Specifications Preparation

Pigment Manufacturing Plant Vent System Capacity Analysis

Plant Water Distribution System Evaluation and Troubleshooting

Polymer Pellet Dryer/Cooler Unit Process Evaluation and Troubleshooting

Process Engineering Support Services and Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) to Replace a Fiberglass Insulation Manufacturing Facility

Process Equipment Throughput Evaluation, De-Bottlenecking, and Re-design

Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) for Petroleum Production Units

Process Modeling and Troubleshooting Support of a Chlorinated Organic Distillation Tower

Product Storage Tank Double-Pipe Heat Exchanger Design

PSV Sizing for an Anhydrous Ammonia Pumping System

Rail Car Unloading Station Relief Valve Sizing

Recycled Mineral Spirits Fractionation System Fouling Evaluation

Relief Valve Sizing for a Glycol Heating System Upgrade

Scaled-Up Battery Chemicals Production Plant Preliminary Process Design

Shaft Kiln MgO Production Process Engineering Support, Minerals Processing

Simulation Tool Development for Tower Packing Evaluation

Sodium Bicarbonate Plant FEL-2 Process Design and Cost Estimate, Minerals Processing

Sodium Hydrosulfide Production System Process Computer Simulation and Operational Evaluation

Solvent Recovery Distillation Optimization and Upgrade Assistance

Sulfur Thermal Treatment System Process Computer Simulation and Operational Evaluation

Xylene Recovery Distillation System Operational Evaluation and Process Improvements Engineering

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