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Air Blower Systems Process Design for Fluid Coker Coke Conveyance

Amine Unit Addition Flare System Capacity Evaluation

Coke Conveyor System Dust Hazards Analysis (DHA)

Crude Distillation Unit Debottlenecking Study and Process Design

Crude Distillation Unit Preliminary Capacity Evaluation

Crude Unit Preheat Train Modifications Design for Upgraded Desalter Operation

Crude Unit Revamp Instrument Specifications

Crude Unit Revamp Project Computer Process Simulation, Alternatives Evaluation, Process Optimization, and Capital Cost Estimate Preparation

Crude Unit Simulation and Profitability Estimating Tool Development

Crude Vacuum Distillation Tower Computer Process Simulation and Preliminary Process Design and Specification

Delayed Coker Products Intermediate Storage System Process Design

Determination of Refinery Maximum Intended Inventory Levels

Failure Modes Effects Analyses (FMEAs) of Refinery Boiler Systems

FCC Unit Wet Gas Compressor Lube-Oil Filter Improvement Design

Firewater System Hydraulics Study to Support a New Refinery Processing Unit

Flare Stack Replacement and Relocation Study

Flare System Computer Process Simulation and Capacity Evaluation

Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Unit Main Fractionator Troubleshooting and Improvement

Gas Pressure Drop Estimation for the Inlet/Outlet of a Catalyzed Bed Reactor

Hydrocarbon Light Ends Fractionation System Computer Process Simulation and Process Controls Design

Hydrocarbon Tank Farm Condensate Recovery System Modeling and Debottlenecking

Hydrotreated Oil Stripper Process Simulation and Operational Optimization Study

Incident Investigation (Root Cause Analysis) Training Courses

Independent Refinery PSV Sizing in the Crude and Extract Units

Industrial Investment Refinery Due Diligence Process Engineering Support

Initial Engineering Due Diligence Support for Purchase of APACRim Refinery

Long Term Refinery On-site Process Engineering Support

Lubricants Production Facility OSHA PSM and EPA RMP Compliance Assessment

Maximum Intended Inventory Volume Calculations for OSHA PSM

Nitrogen Skid PSV Header Process Engineering / Hydraulic Analysis

On-Site Refinery Support for Turnaround and Other Process Engineering Activities

Operating Procedures Review and Update

Petroleum Refinery Crude Tower Replacement Study

Petroleum Refinery Kerosene Tower Replacement Study

Petroleum Refinery Process Safety Information Development

Petroleum Refinery PSM Compliance Support and Process Safety Information Development

Petroleum Refinery Relief Valve Study and Flare System Capacity Evaluation

Petroleum Refinery Turnaround Vessel Inspection Support

Phase II Refinery Relief & Flare System Evaluation Project

Pressure Relief Valve Capacity / Design Evaluation

Pressure Relief Valve Capacity Evaluation

Pressure Relief Valve Design Evaluation

Pressure Relief Valve Design Evaluation and Process Safety Information Preparation

Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) for Petroleum Refinery Production Units

Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) for Production Units

Recycled Oil Dewatering System Heat Exchanger Rating and Design

Refinery Complex Relief Valve Study and Flare System Capacity Evaluation

Refinery Crude Distillation Unit Relief Valve and Flare System Capacity Evaluation

Refinery Crude Furnace and Feed Train Hydraulic Improvements Engineering

Refinery Crude Vacuum Distillation Pilot-Plant Process Design

Refinery Flare Header and Seal Pot Modeling

Refinery Flare System Purge Gas Optimization Study

Refinery Fuel Gas System Review and Instrumentation Recommendations

Refinery Isomerization Unit and Propane Refrigeration Unit Relief Device Sizing Study

Refinery Relief Device and Flare Header Revalidation and Documentation Updates

Refinery Relief Valve and Flare System Capacity Evaluation

Refinery Sour Fuel Gas Scrubber Process Design

Refinery Strategic Optimization Project Support

Refinery Unit Improvement Process Engineering Support

Refinery Wastewater Effluent Throughput Capacity Study and Debottlenecking, Water Treatment

Refinery Wide Cooling Water Evaluation and Debottlenecking Study

Refining Units Computer Process Simulation, Pressure Relief Valve Evaluation, and Flare System Modeling and Analysis

Reformer Debottlenecking and Expansion Studies

Regulatory Compliance Audits at Multiple Petroleum Refineries for OSHA Process Safety Management and EPA Risk Management Program Regulations

Revamped Hydrodesulfurizer & Reformer PSV and Flare Capacity Evaluation

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) Selection Analysis using Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) Methodology

Sour Gas Sweetening Sodium Hydrosulfide Plant Computer Process Simulation, Preliminary Process Design, and Heat Exchanger Sizing and Design

Sour Water Stripper Revamp Study

Specify Process Instrumentation Ranges for Refinery Upgrade

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