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Balance of Plant Design Support for a New Specialty Steel Plant

Batch Metal Powder Production System Operational Evaluation and By-Product Reaction System Alternatives Evaluation

Batch Metals Plant Expansion Process Design Integrity Review

Batch Reactor Safe Operating Limits Evaluation

Boiler Exhaust Gas Waste Heat Recovery Alternatives Evaluation Study

Catalyst Manufacturing Facility NOX Scrubbing System Evaluation and Troubleshooting

Evaluation and Recommendations for Plant Relief Devices

HF and HNO3 Acid Vapor Emissions Estimating for a Metals Cleaning and Etching Operation

Industrial Vent System Process Evaluation, Modeling, and Improvements Project

Industrial Waste Water Plant Design, Pilot Program, and Commissioning, Water Treatment

Metals Processing Facility Remote Handling Glove Box System Detail Design Support – Specialty Metal Production Facility

New Catalyst Plant Nitrogen Oxides ( NOx) Scrubber and Stack Evaluations

New Process Plant Facility Area Hazards Classification

Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) Emissions Removal System Process Evaluation

Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) Scrubbing Technical and Economic Alternatives Evaluation

Oxides Production Powders Handling and Processing Systems Alternatives Process Design, Evaluation, and Capital Cost Estimate

Pilot-Scale Flame Salt Encapsulation System Process Design

Process Design Package for a Specialty Metals Production Facility Expansion

Simulation for a Specialty Metals Recovery and Purification Plant

Sodium Processing Facility Process Design and Process Safety Evaluation

Specialty Metals Plant Facility New Process Preliminary Process Design Package

Specialty Metals Plant Sulfuric Acid Scrubber Systems Upgrade

Specialty Metals Recovery Pilot Facility Design/Operational Review

Sulfur Reaction Technology Development Evaluation

Sulfuric Acid Dilution System Process Technical & Economic Alternatives Evaluation, Water Treatment

Wet Scrubber Systems Simulation and Process Improvements

Process Hazards Analysis (PHA) of a Uranium Oxidation Process, Nuclear Related

Plant SARA Title III (EPCRA) Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting Assistance

Uranium Metal Conversion Facility Conceptual Design Study, Nuclear Related

NOx Scrubber Design Review for a New Metal Washcoat Calcining Process

Catalyst Production Facility On-Site Capital Projects Process Engineering Support

Process Drawings Development for Metals Plant New Acid Cleaning Line

HCL and HNO3 Acid Gas Scrubber Improvements

Preliminary Process Design, Cost Estimation, and Vendor Identification for Novel Aluminum Metal Pilot Plant

Beryllium Manufacturing Pickling Line Scrubber Vapor Collection Duct Modifications

Automotive Plant Expansion Utility Systems P&ID Development

Specialty Metal Alloy Manufacturing Plant Wastewater Treatment System Upgrade Alternatives Evaluations, Water Treatment

Metals Production Facility Acid Cleaning Line Piping Modifications Drawing Updates

Catalyst Manufacturing Copper Stripping Process Technical Alternatives Evaluation

Natural Gas System P&IDs and Piping Layout Drawings Development

Ammonium Hydroxide Solution Engineering Process Design

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