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Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Based Synthetic Crude Process Design

Food Ingredients and Bio-Refining Technologies Development Evaluation and Due Diligence

Independent Third-Party Design Review of New Tire Recycling Pyrolysis Plant

Polymerization Batch Process Evaluation and Scaleup Process Design

Alternative Natural Rubber Production Pilot Plant Process Design

Process Design for Sulfonating Polystyrene Block Copolymer

Pigment Manufacturing Plant Vent System Capacity Analysis

Polymer Pellet Dryer/Cooler Unit Process Evaluation and Troubleshooting

Gas Phase Polypropylene Process Design Package Preparation

Gas Phase Polyethylene Plant Finishing Operations Process Design Package Development

Tire Pyrolysis Plant Troubleshooting and Process Design, Waste Treatment

TiCl4 Distillation Purification and Redesign Project

High-Purity Titanium Tetrachloride (TiCl4) Distillation System Design

Caprolactam Drying System Process Design

Chemical Plant Rail Car Unloading Station Relief Valve Sizing

Relief Device Documentation Audit of a Polyethylene Feedstock and Additive Plant

Tire Manufacturing Plant Project Process Utilities Systems Independent Engineering Review

High Performance Polymer Unit Process Engineering Review and Support

Microelectronic Polymer Process Troubleshooting, Semiconductor

Tire Recycling Pyrolysis Gas Recovery Conceptual Design, Waste Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plant Process Alternatives Evaluation at an Aircraft Painting Facility, Water Treatment

Process Controls Evaluation and Improvements of a Chlor-Alkali Hydrogen System at a Plastics Manufacturing Facility

Pigment Production Consolidation Preliminary Process Design

Specialty Batch Polymer Process Evaluation, Optimization, and Debottlenecking

Specialty Polymer Pilot-Plant Detail Engineering Phase Support

Caprolactam Drying Process Evaluations Screening Study

Pigment Production Dust Collection System Evaluation and Replacement Design

Polyurethane Foam Plant Blowing Agent Delivery System Preliminary Process Design

Polymer Compounding Line FEL-2 Process Design

Process Dust Collector Evaluation and Design

Dust Collector Evaluation and Dust Mitigation System Design

Chemical Storage Vent System Technical Evaluation

Refrigerant R-23 Truck Loading System Process Design

Gas-Phase Polyethylene Polymerization Process Design Package Preparation

Spray Dryer System Preliminary Process Design and Cost Estimate Preparation

Wastewater Treatment System 93% Sulfuric Acid Usage Evaluation and FEL-0/1 Conceptual Process Design, Water Treatment

Rubber Recovery Plant FEL-1 Preliminary Process Design

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