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Bagasse to Ethanol Demonstration Plant Process Simulation Development

Biodiesel Plant Improvements for Methanol Drying Column Design

Biodiesel Plant Independent Process Evaluation, Troubleshooting, and Startup Support

Biodiesel Plant Methanol / Glycerine Distillation Unit Debottlenecking

Biodiesel Plant Process Simulation and Excel Interface Development

Biodiesel Plant Site Engineering Evaluation and Due Diligence Support

Biomass Gas to Liquids (Fischer-Tropsch) Facility Feasibility Study

Biomass Refining Preliminary Process Design

Biomass to Fuels Pyrolysis Unit Flexible Scrubber Design

Biomass to Power / Liquid Fuels Facility Feasibility Study Support

Biomass-to-Power Facility Feasibility Study and Alternatives Evaluation

Biomass-to-Power Facility Preliminary Cost Estimation

Cattle Manure Derived Biogas Purification System Process Design

Cattle Manure to Methanol Pilot-Plant Process Design

Cellulosic Ethanol Demonstration Plant Bid Package Preparation

Cellulosic Ethanol Demonstration Plant Preliminary Design

Cellulosic Ethanol Plant Process Design Assistance

Design of Skid Mounted Ethanol Distillation Tower With Particulates in Feed

Downstream Systems Preliminary Process Design for a Biomass to Syngas Process

Environmental Permitting Assistance for New Gasification Plant

Ethanol Plant Beer Column Reboiler Debottlenecking Study

Ethanol Plant Beer Columns Troubleshooting and Improvement Study

Ethanol Plant Distillation Unit PSV Release LEL Plume Modeling

Ethanol Plant Dryer System ‘As-Built’ P&ID Drawing Development

Ethanol Production Facility As-Built P&ID Drawings Development

Ethanol Production Facility Heat Exchanger Evaluation and Design

Ethanol Production Facility Pressure Relief Device Study

Ethanol Production Facility Relief Device Evaluation and Sizing

Ethanol System Falling Film Evaporators Design Review and Separators Design

Ethanol Technology Provider Multi-Plant Process Design Package Assistance

Evaluation of Safe Atmospheric PSV Discharges for an Ethanol Plant

Feasibility Study for Municipal Waste to Liquid Hydrocarbons Facilities

Food Ingredients and Bio-Refining Technologies Development Evaluation and Due Diligence

Gasification System Design Engineering Company Staff Augmentation

Independent High Level PDRI Review for Synthetic Fuels Process Engineering Package

Independent Third-Party Design Review of New Tire Recycling Pyrolysis Plant

Lab-Scale Syngas to Purified Fuel Cell Hydrogen Process Design

Methanol/Dimethyl Ether Co-Production Facility Preliminary Process Design

Mixed Alcohols Plant Truck Unloading Flare System Analysis

Mothballed Biodiesel Plant Process Improvement Engineering Support

MSW Syngas Ammonia Removal Evaluation Study

Municipal Landfill Derived Biogas Purification System Process Design

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Based Electrical Generation Unit Preliminary Process Design

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Fired Electrical Generation Plant FEL-2 Process Design

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Syngas Separation System Process Alternatives Evaluation

Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) To Hydrogen Pilot-Plant FEL-2 Design Support

Municipal Solid Waste to Synfuels Production Preliminary Process Design

Preliminary Design of a Biodiesel Glycerin/Methanol Batch Refining Process

Process Simulation for Producing Ethanol from Cellulose Feed Stocks

Process Simulation for Producing Green Diesel from Variable Feedstocks

Recycled Plastics/Fibers Pilot-Plant Technical Review and Engineering Documentation

Renewable Diesel Process Technology Due Diligence Evaluation

Shutdown Biodiesel Plant Test Run Support

Stranded Gas Processing Small-Scale GTL Plant Feasibility Study

Sugar Cane to Ethanol Pilot Plant Process Design and Process Improvements Engineering

Syngas Production System, Syngas Cleanup Process, and Pilot Plant Engineering Evaluation

Syngas Vessel Deflagration Mitigation System Design

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Based Synthetic Crude Process Design

Waste Plastics Fast Pyrolysis Distillation Design and Process Review

Waterless Biodiesel Plant Process Design

Wellhead Gas To Fischer-Tropsch Liquids (GTL) FEL-2 Process Design

Woody Biomass Syngas Cleaning System Operational Evaluation

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